Errors in Calculations and Other Thesis Mistakes

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Errors in Calculations and Other Thesis Mistakes

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Errors in Calculations and Other Thesis Mistakes


In most cases, the practical part of the graduation project is an analysis of the activities of a particular enterprise, which involves the calculation of specific indicators, their analysis in dynamics, identifying the problem, and then putting forward proposals for improving activities within a specific research topic, establishing the results of innovation through calculations and comparison "up to " and after". Do not forget to double-check all calculations in order to exclude an error that will subsequently affect the result of the study. Errors in scientific papers should be minimal.


Incorrect formatting of formulas, tables and calculations


This error occurs due to the neglect of the requirements of standards, methodological recommendations. Each graphic, calculation element must comply with the approved design requirements, have conclusions and references to it in the text. All information must be analyzed, argued and correctly, competently presented.


Inaccurate data


In the practical part, only real data of organizations should be present. Remember, teachers, members of the commission are people with extensive experience, who have seen many diplomas in their lifetime and already have an idea about this or that organization, know its approximate indicators and results.


If the student does not have enough information, data, then the “lie” should be competent and plausible so as not to arouse suspicion among the examiners. With a lack of data, it is better to omit some of the indicators and try to characterize the activities of the enterprise on the basis of the information that was verified. Do not risk your own reputation, time and do not present the data of a company that is not on the market, does not exist.


Creation of a practical part without recourse to any methodology


Compliance with methodological recommendations, the use of a certain algorithm of actions will allow you to save the sequence of actions, determine the course of the study, the thoughts of the author, and organize all the material. It is best to follow the methods approved by the guidelines.


Lack of logic


Describing the results of research, calculations, it is necessary to correctly express your thoughts, avoid contradictions and incoherence of the text. All statements must be logical, reasoned. Compliance with principle will make the material understandable for the reader.


The practical significance of the work is not given


It is important for the author not only to conduct a study, but also to prove its effectiveness, necessity, expediency, and the possibility of conducting it in reality. To note the practical significance means to reflect the fact that the author did the work for good reason, it has a certain value, is relevant, there is a potential for real life.


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Re: Errors in Calculations and Other Thesis Mistakes

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It is important for the author not only to conduct a study, you can use convertidor mp3 but also to prove its effectiveness, necessity, expediency,


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